Board of Directors

The Re-Designed GSSHA Board of Directors

As our Association has grown, we’ve realized the need to restructure the responsibilities of our board members. Gone are the days where what we need is manual labor at the shows (thanks again to everyone who helped set up and tear down panels over the years!). We’ve realized that many people aren’t interested in being a part of the board because they worry it will interfere with their show schedule. Gem State has grown because we’ve run it like a business, and successful businesses don’t expect every employee to do every job.

With that in mind, we’ve divided the responsibilities of the Association into 9 categories. Each board member is responsible for their category and is the backup for a second category. This means that each member can contribute in areas of their strengths and interests and won’t have to be available for each and every task.

We’re looking to fill a few of these categories for the 2021-2024 term. If your schedule doesn’t permit helping at shows, perhaps our Awards or Communications position could be right for you! If you’d like to help at shows since you’ll be there anyway, the Assistant Show Manager might be a great fit.

Why it's worth doing:

A position on the GSSHA board is the ultimate way to give back to the sport you love by taking an active part in the ideas and implementations of shows and events.

We pride ourselves on outstanding communication between members, making sure that every voice is heard and no idea is overlooked. Our meetings are efficient and productive (and usually pretty fun!).

GSSHA is a progressive organization with eyes towards improving the sport for all levels of competitors. We’re flexible and adaptive and believe our exponential growth has come from listening to the needs of our members and adjusting to the demands of the sport of Reined Cowhorse in the greater Treasure Valley area.

What we're looking for:

No one wants to spend their volunteer time dealing with drama, so we’re looking for great communicators that want to be part of a team! We’re looking for people who want to work hard within their category and bring their unique skills, qualifications, and ideas to the association.

You don’t need to be extremely experienced in the Cowhorse world! We love new perspectives and out of the box ideas, and these frequently come from people just getting started in our sport.

You do need to be willing to complete the tasks in your category and fill in as backup in one other category, as needed. We’re all volunteers, so we understand you have to work around your real job, but please be willing to dig in and help!

How it works:

You submit your nomination to us. The board will choose the nominees that will go up for election, and then the membership votes.

How to apply:

Fill out the easy form below. Take some time to explain to us what you hope to bring to the board! Please submit your nominations by December 28th. Ballots will be released on January 8th and the new board members will be announced at our pre-banquet meeting on January 30th.

The Categories

Open Positions:

Clinics, Banquets, and Events

Open position!

Event coordinator for the Year-End Banquet as well as other clinics and special events as needed (or desired–this position can be as involved as you’d like it to be!)

Duties Include:

  • Coordinates with venue for banquet
  • Arranges food options and coordinates with Marketing/website for RSVPs
  • Manages RSVPs
  • Setup and cleanup as needed at banquet
  • Handles collecting payment and selling memberships at banquet, or coordinates someone to do so
  • Sets up clinics
  • Sets up extra events, such as Paid Reinings, Judge’s Seminars, etc.


Open position!

Handles emails, general questions, coordinating with secretary for changes, passes along calls to other members as needed.

Duties Include:

  • Manages Gem State email address
  • Manages social media messages & comments
  • Is the phone number for show inquiries and general questions (we can set this up as a Google phone number that forwards to a personal phone if needed)

Assistant Show Manager

Open position!

Local person that handles the details a hired show manager wouldn’t know as well as our small amount of set up. 

Duties Include:

  • Hangs/tears down sponsor banners or coordinates to have this done
  • Check ins with personnel at show
  • Arranges volunteers/paid help for gates etc.


Open position!

Manages relationships with sponsors as well as approaches new sponsors about supporting Gem State

Duties Include:

  • Approaches new and returning sponsors
  • Ideas about how to make sponsorship more worthwhile for businesses
  • Coordinates with Marketing about how to promote
  • Arranges banners–printing and design of new ones, rounding up old ones and having them at the shows
  • Provides announcer with sponsorship list before shows
  • Provides Website & Marketing with list, business info including website links, logos, etc.


Open position!

Handles selection, ordering, and customization of awards and prizes for Year-End and July NRCHA show.

Duties Include:

  • Selects and orders awards for July show and Year-End awards
  • Arranges embroidery and other customizations
  • Coordinates with show secretary for qualified riders/numbers
  • Coordinates with treasurer/accountant for budget
  • Arranges pickup/delivery of items

I'm super overwhelmed and...

…I don’t think any of these positions fit me: That’s okay! This is a new system and there is definitely flexibility about responsibilities that we can discuss. Our hope is that it plays to everyone’s strengths and interests and makes giving back to your sport enjoyable instead of stressful. Give Lisa a call at (208) 495-4045 or shoot us an email at and we can help.

…I think that sounds like a lot of work: Well, it does take a lot to put on our series of shows. That said, it’s not constant and our hope is that the new categories allow the work to be divided more evenly. We will be hiring a show manager, removing much of the burden of putting in long hours at the shows. You’ll have a backup person for your category and many positions, such as Banquet, Clinics, and Events can be as much as you want to make of them.

Filled Positions:


Currently filled by Brian Lesher

Handles coordinating travel arrangements, food, transportation, etc. for shows & clinics. 

Duties Include:

  • Books flights (judges, announcers, show manager)
  • Housing arrangements for out of town personnel
  • Food for personnel at shows (ordering, delivery, arranging pickup, coordinating if someone wants to cook, etc.)

Board Coordinator

Currently filled by Valerie Urick

This job combines a lot of different jobs into one, including Secretary.

Duties Include:

  • Takes minutes at meetings & sends to board prior to next meeting
  • Agenda
  • Arranges meeting dates and coordinates with restaurant/venue
  • Scheduling


Currently filled by Callee Miller

Handles all aspects of arranging and managing cattle for shows and clinics.

Duties Include:

  • Coordinates with show secretary for cattle numbers & orders
  • Shipping/Receiving of cattle
  • Finds hay and arranges delivery
  • Manages issues with cattle, i.e. sickness, injury, deathloss and communicates with cattle supplier
  • Arranges cattle help


Currently filled by Lisa Kittel

Handles advertising and promotion of the club in print and digital formats, ideas for additional promotion.

Duties Include:

  • Promotional materials for club, i.e. sponsorship postcards, advertising flyers for clinics and shows, digital material for social media promotion
  • Updates social media
  • Advertising
  • Coordinates with Sponsorship person to promote sponsors
  • Coordinates with Website person
President: Brian Lesher
Treasurer: Callee Miller
Secretary: Valerie Urick
For questions or clarifications, please email or call Lisa at (208) 495-4045

How to apply:

Fill out the easy form below. Take some time to explain to us what you hope to bring to the board! Please submit your nominations by December 28th. Ballots will be released on January 8th and the new board members will be announced at our pre-banquet meeting on January 30th.