Frequently Asked Questions: New Online Entry System

Frequently Asked Questions: Our New Online Entry System

We’re so excited about how our online entries are turning out! Like any new system, it can take a bit of getting used to. With your questions, feedback, and issues in mind, we’ve put together this FAQ.

If you have problems while entering, other questions, or further suggestions, please let Lisa Kittel know at


How do I enter?

First, you’ll head to the login page. You can either log in to an existing account, or create a new one.

You can use your account from last year. If you’ve forgotten your password, click the “Forgot Your Password” link and follow the instructions.

Once you’ve done this, you’ll be redirected to a page where you can pick whether you’d like to create a new entry or view any that are already submitted. It looks like this:

Choose the “Entry Blank” button to be taken here:
Fill out the information. (Wondering why this is already filled out? Information not correct? Find out here.)

When you get to the section that says “Horses Entered,” click the “Add Horse” button to…well…add a horse, and choose what class(es) you’ll be showing in. You’ll also enter your owner information if it’s not the same as rider.

Click the "Add Horse" button to enter horse, owner, and class information.
For club shows, simply choose the classes you’ll be showing your horse in.

For the July show, you’ll need to choose whether you plan to show GSSHA only, NRCHA only, or both before you pick your specific class. Open and Non Pro divisions will be visible after you choose.

Use this button to upload your papers for the NRCHA show.

You don’t need to upload your papers for the club shows (May, June, and August). Please plan to bring them with you to the show for limited aged events!

If you are entering multiple horses for the same rider (different owners are fine!), you can keep clicking the “Add Horse” button. You’ll see the horses you’re entering listed in a line, like this:
You'll see the horses that you're entering listed like this.
If the rider and/or owner(s) need Gem State memberships, you’ll follow the same process for adding memberships as you did for adding horses. Please make sure to fill out the membership form for everyone that needs one. Even if you have to update some information at the show, it helps us keep our shows organized and running smoothly to have correct totals with each entry.
Please make sure to add memberships for rider and owners!
To complete your entry, press the green “Submit” button at the bottom of the form. You’ll be taken to a summary of your entry. If you’re not taken to the confirmation page, your entry was not received. You’ll also receive an email with the same information.
Confirmation page for your entry.
Entries work on your phone as well!

Why is the information filled out already?

Our new entry system auto-fills forms with information you’ve already provided. If you see something that’s not correct, simply delete it and type over top–this won’t affect any previously submitted entries.

Can I enter other riders using my account?

Yes, you can! You can enter any rider using your account. You’ll need to fill out a separate entry form for each rider. If the information is already filled out, simply delete it and type the correct information. This won’t affect any previous entries.

When I click the ``Add Horse`` button, it shows me a horse I already entered!

That’s okay! If the information that’s auto-filled isn’t correct, just delete it.

Here’s an example:

I’ve filled out the “Add Horse” page for Lucky Lil Lena DR. I can see she’s entered because she’s listed under “Horses Entered”

I want to enter a second horse, but Lucky Lil Lena DR’s info shows up when I click the “Add Horse” button again.
But, because I already saw her listed in the “Horses Entered” list, I know she’s entered and I can delete her information and type in my second horse.
Type your second horse's info.
I can see that both my horses are entered after I submit Sweet Lil Gino. Good to go!

My info from 2018 isn't showing up!

Some rider info from 2018 may autopopulate on the 2019 entries, but forms will not autofill with last year’s horse or owner information. After your first 2019 show, future entries will fill in with the information from the previous entry.

It won't let me submit!

Sorry about that! Are you on your phone? We’ve noticed some occasional issues with iPhones. This issue doesn’t always happen, which makes it somewhat difficult to troubleshoot. We’re working on it!

If you’re having this problem, we recommend trying to clear the cache in Safari (tutorial here) and try again. You can also try from a computer. If you’re still having issues, let Lisa know and she’ll help!

How can I be sure my entry went through?

After you submit your entry, you should be automatically redirected to a confirmation page. If you aren’t taken to this page, you can either check your email for a confirmation, or go to your account page to see entries you’ve submitted. If you don’t see an email or a summary on the account page, we don’t have your entry. Please try entering again.


Why do you even have online entries?

We chose to move to online entries in 2017 because we were looking for ways to make our association stand out, to make entering easy and seamless, and to make our secretary’s job as straightforward as possible (which makes shows run smoother).

Yeah, but I liked calling the secretary to say ``enter my bay horse.`` Why can't I do that anymore?

I know. We all like that small-town vibe. However, our membership is growing rapidly and we’re committed to making sure that new members enjoy the same advantages as as long-time members.

We also are expecting our our secretary to run shows seamlessly, and getting entries from multiple sources without full details makes that job much harder. We’d rather the secretary’s energy and organizational talents go towards all the other myriad parts of putting on a horse show.

We’re hoping that the easy online entry system that auto-fills your entry based on previous shows will be even easier than making that phone call!

I'm worried about security and what you do with my data.

Gem State is committed to using up-to-date security protocol for our website. (If you want to learn about cyber security and how you can tell if a website is secure, watch this cute video). Even with this security protocol, we don’t collect sensitive information (like your SSN) through our forms. Your information is only shared with our show secretary and is not stored year to year.