July NRCHA Show

July 8-11 - NRCHA Approved Show

Update 7/5 – Friday start time will be 7 AM!

Our July show will be held the 8th-11th at the Horse Park Indoor Arena. We’ll have a full slate of NRCHA, ImRCHA, and GSSHA classes, including a Four Event Open Bridle All Around, Three Event Non Pro & Non Pro Limited Spectaculars, and a Two Rein Spectacular!

$13,480 Added to the Derby!
$14,570 Added to the Horse Show/All Around/Spectaculars!

Livestream from Kicking S Video

Live Scores

Scores updated throughout the show!

Show Photographer

Show photos are available from Rockin Horse Photography! Thanks to Brad and Kyra Germann for their donation of photos for our website and social media for the past several years.

Entry Fees/Class List

We’re offering NRCHA and ImRCHA Derby and Horse Show classes, including a 4 Event Open All Around, NP and NPL Bridle Spectacular, and Open and NP Two Rein Spectacular!

We have a Club Futurity. $265 gets you three fresh cows, great ground, and the best indoor schooling opportunity around.


July 8th-11th

Office opens 6:30 AM
Thurs: show starts 8:00 AM
show starts 7:00 AM

More Info

For general inquiries, call Callee Miller at (541) 519- 4748

The show secretary for all 2020 shows is Nikki Francis – (208) 539-5410


Ron Emmons
TIm Unzicker


Ford Idaho Horse Park Indoor Arena, Nampa, ID


Stalls are $140 for the whole show, $50/night, or $35 for a day stall.

Stalls and RV spots can be reserved through the Horse Park website or by calling (208) 442-3335


Horse Show Classes: #10 Lope Away

Futurity/Derby: #2 Lope Away

Schooling Your Horse

Schooling is welcome at our shows, but we ask you take a look at our guidelines ahead of time to make sure our show runs efficiently!

Frequently Asked Questions

Questions or concerns about our new online entry system? Check out our FAQ and helpful How-To Guide!

Bridle Spectacular Series

Learn more about our Bridle Spectacular series and how you can qualify for our year-end saddle!

Become A Sponsor

Support Gem State and advertise your business by sponsoring us! Several levels of sponsorship are available and we’re always open to creative suggestions on how we can best serve you.

Youth Riders!

Gem State gives away a $500-$1000 scholarship at our year-end banquet. As in years past, scholarship eligibility will be determined by the quality of the written application (available in October).

Students must volunteer at at least two of our four shows. The amount of time they spend is up to them. Their performance will be assessed by the board and taken into account when determining the winner. Our hope is that adding a performance-based requirement will reward students for hard work and real-world experience.

Gem State is a non-profit, so this volunteer work may help fulfill community service/volunteer requirements for school or other scholarships.

Schedule of Events

Breaks and open arena times will be added once the draw is posted.

Update 7/5: We’ll be starting at 7 AM on Friday.

Move in starts at 12 PM on Wednesday, 7/6. Arena will be open from 12 PM to 10 PM and will reopen at 6 AM on Thursday.

Arena will be open for schooling all night on Friday and Saturday nights.

Thursday Schedule

8 AM
GSSHA Open/Ltd Open Futurity Reining
GSSHA Non Pro/Non Pro Ltd Futurity
NRCHA/GSSHA Open/IO/LO/L1 Derby Reining
NRCHA/GSSHA Non Pro/Amateur/Non Pro Ltd Derby Reining

Friday Schedule

Settle at 7 AM (note updated start time 7/5)
GSSHA Open/Ltd Futurity Herd work
GSSHA Non Pro/Non Pro Ltd Futurity Herd work
NRCHA/GSSHA Open/IO/LO/L1 Derby Herd work
NRCHA/GSSHA Non Pro/Amateur/NP Ltd Derby Herd work
NRCHA/GSSHA All Around Open Bridle/Int Open Bridle Herd work
NRCHA/GSSHA Non Pro Bridle Spectacular Herd work
NRCHA/GSSHA Non Pro Ltd Bridle Spectacular Herd work
NRCHA Open 2 Rein Spectacular Herd Work
NRCHA Non Pro 2 Rein Spectacular Herd Work

Saturday Schedule

 7 AM
GSSHA Open/Ltd Futurity Fence work
GSSHA Non Pro Futurity Fence work
GSSHA Non Pro Futurity Ltd Boxing
NRCHA/GSSHA Open/IO/LO/L1 Derby Fence work
NRCHA/GSSHA Non Pro/Amateur Derby Fence work
NRCHA/GSSHA Non Pro Ltd Derby Boxing
Beginning Fence
GSSHA Little Buckaroo
NRCHA/GSSHA Open/IO/LO Bridle & Open/IO All Around Bridle
NRCHA/GSSHA Non Pro, Intermediate, Novice Bridle/ Non Pro Bridle Spectacular
NRCHA/GSSHA Bridle Spectacular Steer Stopping

Sunday Schedule

7 AM
NRCHA/GSSHA Open Two-Rein & Spectacular
NRCHA/GSSHA Non Pro Ltd & Spectacular
GSSHA Greener Than Grass
NRCHA/GSSHA Open & Ltd Hackamore
NRCHA/GSSHA Non Pro Hackamore
NRCHA/GSSHA NP 2 Rein & Spectacular

Entry Fees/Class List

Concurrent entries pay one cattle fee. NRCHA cards for rider + owner + horse registration papers MUST accompany entry!
herd, rein & fence/boxing

OFFICE – $40
CATTLE – $185
ENTRY – $25
TOTAL – $265

Open, 1500 Limited Open, Non Pro, and Non Pro Limited


herd, rein, fence, and steer stopping

OFFICE – $40
CATTLE – $185
ENTRY – $30
TOTAL – $265

Open, Non Pro (no awards)

herd, rein, and fence/boxing

OFFICE – $40
CATTLE – $185
ENTRY – $25
TOTAL – $265

Open (no awards), Non Pro and Non Pro Limited


OFFICE – $40
CATTLE – $65
ENTRY – $25
TOTAL – $145

Hackamore & Bridle: Open, 1500 Ltd Open, Non Pro. Two Rein: Open, Non Pro.


OFFICE – $40
CATTLE – $65
ENTRY – $15
TOTAL – $135

Greener Than Grass, Non Pro Limited Bridle, $1K NPL, $5K NPL, Advanced Boxing (must ALSO enter 1K, 5K, or NPL)


OFFICE – $40
CATTLE – $65
ENTRY – $15
TOTAL – $120

Youth Limited (rein + boxing), Youth Bridle (rein + fence), 13 & Under Youth Limited

rein work only

ENTRY – $20
TOTAL – $20

8 & under