Gem State Classic Derby & Spectaculars

Join us for our July show! We’ve got $37k in added money for our NRCHA Derby ($18k Added), Horse Show ($8k Added), and Spectaculars ($10k Added), plus a full slate of club classes including our popular Practice Futurity.

New stuff:

  • We have two shows this year, both at the Idaho Horse Park
  • Both our shows will have NRCHA and Intermountain Reined Cowhorse Association approved Horse Show Classes! The July show will also include an NRCHA/ImRCHA Derby and a NRCHA Bridle Spectaculars/Super Spectacular.
  • We’ve updated a few class names and eligibility requirements to stay consistent with the new NRCHA rules. See the class list for explanations, names, and earnings caps.

How do I get a year-end award?

  • You have to show at BOTH of our shows (May and July).
  • You have to enter the same Gem State class at both.
  • Your placing will be determined by the number of horses you beat at each show.
  • You must receive a score greater than 0 in 66% of your runs.
  • ALL ties will be broken by the highest cumulative cow score.


We’re trying something a little different this year. The winners of EVERY class will be placed in a hat at the banquet. We’ll draw one lucky champion, who will receive the saddle.

There’s a few rules:

  • You must be present at the banquet to win the saddle.
  • If you’ve won a Gem State saddle for the same class in a previous year, you won’t be eligible.
  • The saddle will be provided by donations from our generous sponsors and the hard work of our board. If you don’t like the saddle, or don’t think it’s something you’ll use or cherish, consider requesting to pull your name from the draw. You’ll still have your buckle and your championship, and someone else might get the chance at something they’ll truly treasure!


All checks from earnings must be cashed within 90 days or they will be voided and will not be reissued.

What's with the multiple associations and all these acronyms I keep seeing?!

NRCHA: National Reined Cowhorse Association. The national governing body of the sport of Reined Cowhorse.

Entering an NRCHA class means that you’ll be working towards qualifying for the NRCHA World Show in your class, adding to you and your horse’s official NRCHA Lifetime Earnings, and competing for extra added money.

ImRCHA: Intermountain Reined Cowhorse Association. A regional alliance of Reined Cowhorse shows in the Northwest. Intermountain classes are an add-on to NRCHA classes, meaning you won’t make a separate run to compete in them and you can’t enter them without also entering the NRCHA class. You’ll be competing for year-end points in the circuit! Circuit winners get great prizes at the year-end banquet.

GSSHA: That’s us! You’ll see our club referred to as Gem State Stock Horse Association, GSSHA, or simply Gem State. We’re a grassroots club that offers a welcoming, friendly place to show for brand new members and Million Dollar Riders alike.

Our club show classes do not have added money, but you may win a small check from our $15/entry jackpot. You’ll also compete for points for our highly acclaimed year-end awards.

What do I enter? It’s totally up to you. Gem State and NRCHA classes run concurrent, which means that you’ll make just one run even if you enter both associations. You can also enter NRCHA without entering Gem State, or you can enter Gem State without entering NRCHA.

If want to show in the Futurity, Derby, or Bridle Spectacular classes, the choice is easy. We only offer Gem State options for those classes.

Show Info


Donny Bricker
Jaime Beamer
Wilba Thornberry

More Info

For general inquiries, call Callee Miller at (541) 519- 4748

The show secretary is Nikki Francis – (208) 539-5410

Photo, Video, and Live Scoring

Show Photographer: Rockin’ Horse Photography
Videographer: Kickin’ S Video

Livescoring will be available. Please check back for a volunteer sign up sheet!

Did you know we have hats now?

You need one. Multiple designs, colors, and styles available.

Volunteer Sign Up

We need a few people to sign up to help with live scoring, run lunches, relieve the back gate person, and run the manual timer during the herd work. Check out the link below to sign up for a time slot! Your help is sure appreciated.

And if you’re under 18, volunteering at this show part of the requirements to be eligible for our scholarship!

Schedule of Events

Updated 7/8 – NP Bridle/Spectacular will be held Sunday morning at 7 AM.
8 AM – Move In Starts (sorry, no early move-ins)
1 PM – Arena opens, open overnight.
Arena open overnight


  • GSSHA Open/Ltd Open Futurity Reining
  • GSSHA Non Pro Futurity/NP Boxing Futurity Reining
  • NRCHA/GSSHA Non Pro/Intermediate Reining
  • NRCHA/GSSHA NP Boxing Derby Reining
  • NRCHA/GSSHA Open/IO/LO/L1 Derby Reining[Set Up Cutting Pen]
  • NRCHA Open 2 Rein Spectacular Herd Work
  • Non Pro Bridle Spectacular Herd Work
  • Non Pro Boxing Bridle Spectacular Herd Work
HERD – Settle @ 6:40

  • NRCHA/GSSHA Open Bridle/Int Open Bridle Herd work
  • NRCHA NP 2 Rein Spectacular Herd Work
  • GSSHA Open/Ltd Futurity Herd work
  • GSSHA Non Pro/Non Pro Boxing Futurity Herd work
  • NRCHA/GSSHA Open/IO/LO/L1 Derby Herd work
  • NRCHA/GSSHA Non Pro/Intermediate/Non Pro Level 1 Derby Herd Work
  • NRCHA/GSSHA NP Boxing Derby Herd work
Little Buckaroo [During the lunch break]

  • GSSHA Open/Ltd Futurity Fence work
  • GSSHA Non Pro Futurity Fence work
  • GSSHA Non Pro Futurity Boxing
  • NRCHA/GSSHA Open/IO/LO/L1 Derby Fence work
  • NRCHA/GSSHA Non Pro/Limited NP, Level 1 NP Derby Fence work
  • NRCHA/GSSHA Non Pro Boxing Derby
  • NRCHA/GSSHA NP 2 Rein & Spectacular
  • NRCHA/GSSHA Intermediate/ Limited Boxing
  • NRCHA/GSSHA  Open/IO/LO Bridle & Open/IO Super Spectacular
Sunday 7/7 7 AM Start

  • NRCHA/GSSHA Box Drive
  • NRCHA/GSSHA Non Pro Boxing/Non Pro Boxing Spectacular
  • GSSHA Greener Than Grass
  • NRCHA/GSSHA Youth Boxing
  • NRCHA/GSSHA Open 2 Rein & Spectacular
  • NRCHA/GSSHA Non Pro, Intermediate, Limited Non Pro Bridle Spectacular
  • NRCHA/GSSHA Open/Intermediate & Ltd Hackamore
  • NRCHA/GSSHA Non Pro Hackamore
  • NRCHA/GSSHA Youth Cow Horse