May Paid Reining

Get ready for show season.

Get your horse schooled in preparation for a busy June! Gem State is offering 5 minute paid practice slots at High Desert Station on Saturday, 5/30. 

Here's what you need to know:

Sign up. You’ll sign up ahead of time through the website only! You can pick your 5 minute time slot out of what’s available. Sign up for as many slots as you’d like on one entry form. Signups are now open and close Thursday, 5/28 at 8 PM.

Prepay. We won’t have an office or anyone available to collect your payment. Prepayment is required by credit card on your signup form.

Memberships. A current GSSHA membership is required for all riders. Memberships are $35 for individuals and $50 for family. You’ll pay for your membership with your entry. If you’re buying slots for multiple riders, make sure they head to to purchase a 2020 membership!

Schedule & Timeslots. You get your pick of timeslot, but we may have to rearrange. If there are gaps in the schedule with no filled slots, we will consolidate the schedule. The draw will be posted at 10 AM on Friday, 5/29.

Cancellations. We’ll accept cancellations and refund your payment until 8 PM on Thursday, 5/28

Why would I want to go to a Paid Reining?

A Paid Reining is a great opportunity to work on the problems that all horses get when they’re showed a lot. It’s an affordable, low-pressure way to make sure your horse is feeling good in the pen before you’re in front of the judge. You might get some valuable insight about what your horse remembers from last year’s show season (good or bad!) before you pay your entry fee and enter up at the first show of the year.

It can also be a way to get yourself to relax in the show pen! A lot of us don’t realize how differently we ride once we’re alone in a pen. Our horses can feel that. Just getting in the pen and doing a pattern can help get us on the road to overcoming our own nervousness.

What even is a Paid Reining?

A Paid Reining, or Paid Practice, is a window of time where you have a show arena available to get your horse in without a judge. There’s no specific pattern you have to do and no cattle. There will be an announcer and the ground will be worked, just like at a show.

What do I do in there?

That’s totally up to you! Many people choose to do some version of the reining pattern they’ll be performing at the next show.

You can think about how your last show went. Was your horse nervous when he was alone in the arena? Might be a great time to do an easy version of the pattern where you don’t run full speed. Maybe you guide him around when he feels anxious. Do lots of petting!

Your trainer might have some drills they really like for working on common problems, like dragging a lead change or scotching (anticipating the stop and stopping too early without being cued) in the rundowns. You can talk to them ahead of time to learn what they think would most benefit you and your horse.

That sounds useful, but I'm afraid I'll mess up!

Ryan Thomas is offering a Rein Work clinic the weekend before the Paid Reining. He’ll cover Horsemanship and Showmanship and can include tips to help you get the most out of a paid practice. The combination of these two events will help prepare you and your horse to start your show season off confident, relaxed, and responsive.

Ryan’s clinic costs $100 and includes lunch. All the proceeds will be donated to the Non Pro Bridle Spectacular Year-End Saddle!