Hey GSSHA Members,

Happy New Year from your GSSHA board! I hope everyone had a great 2018 and enjoyed our series of shows. We have had unprecedented growth and a lot of memories were made. We have a fantastic set of shows planned for 2019. The dates and locations are posted here. I want to point out that the July show specifically, as it will be held in the indoor arena at the Idaho Horse Park.

We’re also excited to offer a new Bridle Spectacular series! All four of our shows will have a four event Open Bridle Spectacular, as well as three event for the Non Pro and Non Pro Limited. All three classes will have a year-end saddle. Stay tuned for more details!

Based on many requests from our membership and potential members, we’ve also decided to offer Non Pro Limited classes for our Futurity and Derby throughout the 2019 show season.

We’ve received some questions about a fine the club received from the NRCHA. This $100 fine was assessed for an incomplete approval application. We were not fined as a result of how the club allocates add back, added money, or any other funds. Gem State is and has been within NRCHA guidelines for add back. 70% of our entry fees go towards prize money, which is well above the NRCHA requirement of 1.5 times the office fee. In the interest of transparency, we will continue to publicize our added money allocation on our entry forms.

As I have said many times, I certainly appreciate your feedback and questions. Professional and appropriately presented questions allow me as your president to address any issues as they arise. Please continue to bring any questions or concerns to our attention.

Finally, I am truly disappointed to have to bring up two issues that caused negative light to be shed on your organization.

The first was one of our members damaging a light pole at the Idaho Horse Park. All of us certainly understand accidents happen. That said, we still have no idea who was responsible for the collision. We were so fortunate to be able to work out a great solution with the Horse Park and the insurance policy carried by the club was not impacted.

The second issue was the theft of a year-end buckle from one of our member’s trucks. Sadly, our investigations showed that a few of our GSSHA members were responsible for the theft. I am saddened and disappointed by both these incidents, and as we move forward into 2019, I am guardedly hopeful that we will not have any more of this sort of activity that reflects so negatively on our whole club.

2019 is shaping up to be a great show season. Stay tuned to our social media and website for show and clinic information. Thank you to all of the board members who put up with me and work tirelessly to make your Gem State Stock Horse the great organization it is. On behalf of your board, Happy New Year and we will see you at our first show in May!

Brian Lesher