Ryan Thomas Clinic Series - May

We’re excited to announce a clinic series with Ryan Thomas¬†Horsemanship! Ryan is generously donating his time and the proceeds from all four clinics to purchase the Non Pro Bridle Spectacular Year-End Saddle.
Ryan says:

My goal is to create confident, relaxed, responsive horses. This creates longevity in a horse’s career. I want to help people through problems with their horses, especially show horses.

The clinic series is designed to help people effectively practice, school, and show their horses in each discipline. Any level of horse and rider are welcome to join us. The more variety of students we get, the more opportunity we have to study horses and horsemanship.

GSSHA wants help new people feel comfortable at the horse show and I want to help all people advance their horsemanship and showmanship. I invite you to join us the first Saturday of the next four months!

May 4th Clinic

The third clinic of the series will be held May 4th in Marsing and will focus on showmanship in the herd work. We’re talking about “showmanship” in the sense of how to show your horse, not the AQHA class of the same name. Showmanship is about keeping your horse and yourself relaxed and confident in the show pen. A relaxed horse is appealing to a judge of any discipline! We’ll talk about getting your horse mentally engaged, how to warm up, and more.

We’ll work the flag as well as cattle.

All levels of riders are welcome! You are not required to attend all four clinics.


May 4th at 9 am


The Open Box W arena located at 8294 Highway 78, Marsing, ID.


$100 per session
plus $50 cattle fee
Includes lunch!

Sign up

Sign up to participate with our handy online form! Sign up for each session is separate. Limited to 12 riders.