Youth Scholarship Application

  • Short Answer Qestions:

  • If you haven't attended a board meeting yet, our next meeting will be December 5th at 7 PM at Shi Sushi. You can also join us for our general meeting before the banquet on January 27th. If you haven't attended a meeting yet but plan to, please write what you think a board meeting will be like and what you expect to learn from it.

    Please remember that attending one board meeting is required for eligibility. If you don't make the meeting by January 27th, you won't be eligible to win the scholarship. Reach out to if you'd like to join us by Zoom!
  • Essay Question

  • Things to consider: sponsors, bringing new people into the sport, increasing the size of the audience, and any other creative ways you can think of to help our sport grow!
  • Bonus Question (not required)