Digital Ads

Our digital banners appear throughout our website and in our emails. These are randomly displayed, with higher priority given to $1500+ sponsors. They link to your website or social media, so make sure to let us know where you’d like to send people!

Arena Banners

We’ve got a few options here! If you’re a $1000+ sponsor, Gem State will take care of the printing costs of your arena banner. If you’re below that level and would like your banner displayed in the show pen, it will need to be printed on a corrugated plastic material with grommets in the corners for hanging. If you have a vinyl banner or some other material and don’t want to get a new corrugated plastic sign, no worries! We can display it in the warmup pen or some other location!

We are happy to arrange printing for you through our preferred printer. Please contact us for pricing. Artwork deadline for our May show is 5/10/22.

This doesn't make sense to me....

Okay! If all these pixel dimension and stuff make you want to smash your computer, no worries. Shoot us an email at and we’re happy to assist. We really appreciate your support of our association.