Step Up Boxing

Why Step Up Boxing?

Step Up Boxing is the newest class at Gem State Stock Horse Association (and NRCHA!) shows.
Step Up Boxing is great way to help you and your horse transition from box-only classes to full-on fence work. You’ll get comfortable controlling a cow at high speeds without the challenge of turning or circling.

GSSHA shows are relaxed, accessible, and affordable, which make them a great place to try something new!

Photo credit: Rockin' Horse Photography

How does it work?

At GSSHA, the Step Up Boxing class is cow work only–no reining pattern.

First, you’ll box your cow at one end of the arena.

When you have demonstrated your control over the cow, you’ll take it down the fence to the other end of the arena.

At the other end, you’ll box a little more, then take your cow back down the fence.

Once you’ve reached the halfway point, pull your horse up and stop, signalling your work is complete.

There is a 1:45 time limit on Step Up Boxing Classes.

See An Example

Check out this video from the 2016 NRCHA Celebration of Champions to see a Step Up Boxing class in action!

How is it judged?

The most important part of Step Up Boxing is remaining in control of your cow at all times.

Maintaining proper position on your cow is also essential.

Other credits on the judge’s sheet are: degree of difficulty, eye appeal, and working time.

Penalties include:

  • Changing sides of arena (1 point)
  • Failure to complete work within the 1:45 time limit (3 points)
  • Performing an intentional fence turn (5 points)
  • Running cow into back fence with force (5 points)