Volunteer Raffle

The July Gem State Volunteer Raffle

We’ve got a big show this weekend, and we could sure use your help working gates, checking bits, and running judge’s sheets…here’s the deal.

For every hour you help, you get one entry in the drawing for a Marsh Brothers heart cheek Salinas bridle bit! 

Sign up is easy. Just pick your job and a time slot that works for you. If you’d like multiple entries, be sure to click “Book Another” at the end.

The Prize

This super nice Marsh Brothers bit has a Salinas mouth and engraved stainless heart cheeks. Copper hood and roller. This bit has a nice feel to it and seems like the type most horses will like. It’s NRCHA legal.

But hey, we’ve all got our own tastes, and if this bit just isn’t your jam, you can return it to RC Bean for a trade on anything of equal or lesser value.

Speaking of RC Bean, thanks to Rick for his continued support of Gem State!

The Jobs

Each one hour shift gets you an entry in the raffle. You can book as many as you’d like throughout the weekend. Please note that youth volunteer time does not count for the raffle, as it is for scholarship eligibility.

Our booking program only allows you to book an hour at a time. If you’d like to book a large block of shifts, please text Lisa at (208) 495-4045 and she’ll get you set up.

After your shift is finished, head to the office and fill out a raffle ticket! We’ll draw on Sunday after the show, but you don’t have to be present to win.

Bit Check/Gate Help

You’ll open and shut the gate for competitors, pay attention to the draw and make sure the next person up is ready to go, and check bits to make sure they’re NRCHA legal after the run. Be ready to be assertive and do your part to keep the show running quickly by having everyone ready to ride in when it’s their turn.

Only Gate Help

If you want to help, but don’t feel quite confident making sure bits are NRCHA legal, this is the job for you! You’ll keep competitors lined out and ready to ride in when it’s their turn and open and shut the gate behind them.

Only Bit Checker

Maybe your best friend is running the gate. You should check bits with them. This job isn’t as scary as it sounds. When you book your time slot, you’ll receive an automated email with NRCHA bit check rules to study up on in case you’re not familiar.


You don’t actually have to run, but this job will include a lot of walking. You’ll bring judge’s sheets from the scribe to the secretary during drags and check in with the volunteers and paid help to bring them water, snacks, and other things that just won’t work over our radios. This will help the secretary do her best work!